Consumer Awareness for Responsibility to Environment: the CARE website is available online

Consumer Awareness for Responsibility to Environment: the CARE website is available online

The CARE Website is now online at https://www.careforplanet.eu/ providing specific info on project aims, activities and results. The platform will contain all the Project information, deliverables and results.

CARE driving idea is contributing to the health of the planet but also to that of individuals and communities by promoting more austere, traditional and healthy lifestyles. CARE targets people who care about the present and the future, who want to develop responsible behaviour that mitigates the human impact on the planet, as well as, with their small daily decisions, help to make a better world.

The very user-friendly Platform has been built by the Spanish partner, IWS (Internet Web Solutions) and will be constantly updated by the partnership as a whole during the project implementation.

CARE´s website is available in English, and will soon be available in Italian, Portuguese and Spanish, and is composed by multiple sections freely available to all navigators.

HOME: the section introduces users to the CARE platform by highlighting the main results of the Project:

PROJECT: The purpose of CARE is to increase social and environmental awareness and the perception of the cultural value of traditional and more rigorous habits, for so promoting responsible consumption, through reuse, recycling, preference for nearby products, reduction of waste and draining of water and energy, moderate use, etc.

PARTNERS: describes the Partners involved in the CARE Project.

CARE KNOWLEDGE will be a virtual community of knowledge and experiences on responsible consumption.

EduCARE will consist of a set of awareness-raising and training courses for responsible consumption adapted to the target audience in the 4 areas to be promoted: food, mobility, clothing and resource use.

PROMOBIZ will be a responsible business forum that will function as a seedbed of ideas, creating a space for the reception of proposals from consumers and people with an entrepreneurial vocation

ASSOCIATES: in order to involve as many Associated Partners as possible and spread the word about CARE to end-users, targets, the general public and ultimate beneficiaries.
NEWS: to remain always updated with CARE latest developments…

CARE is managed by seven Partners from four countries, i.e. Belgium, Italy, Portugal and Spain, and is co-financed by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission.