RSC Talent

RSC Talent

RSC is a change maker and achiever firm in the development of businesses through the potential of individuals and groups, profiting from the wide range of global opportunities surrounding from their added value local markets and segments, activating the levers of talent and opportunity.

Its key values are excellence, efficiency and quantifiable results to generate positive sustainable impact not only on business but on Society and people.

RSC has concentrated on building international bridges and collaboration opportunities/agreements between key stakeholders in the value chain of strategic European products defining and implementing business proposals, either to reactivate traditional endemic industries or to innovate and bring solutions to the market as well as creating distribution networks in order to assure consistent growth and profit in continuous innovation in accordance with European goals of competitiveness, global markets and efficient sustainability.

So far, RSC has organised the 1St International Forum at the TECHNOFOOD PARK Costa del Sol Axarquía, it has been part of the International Commission of the Chamber of Commerce and together with the Andalusian Park has been invited to participate at entrepreneur’s events such as the Start up village Moscu (Russian Federation) and Silicon Valley Tech Week in San Francisco, US. It has lead agrofood Think Tanks for business schools in Spain and Italy. Also, together with University of Málaga is running cuadruple helice projects for R&D implications in academic and business sector.