Health on the table

Health on the table

Health on the Table is a series of events dedicated to food and nutrition organized by Fábrica da Ciência Viva of the University of Aveiro. The agenda, prepared in cooperation with Aveiro School of Health Sciences (ESSUA), includes informal conversations, cooking shows and workshops with doctors, nutritionists, authors, chefs and representatives of schools, in an attempt to raise awareness towards the importance of food choices for a better health.

The diversity of guests and proposals will ensure moments of clarification and suggestions that will impact our daily lives positively, covering topics such as food myths and food waste, salt and sugar, labels’ interpretation, or prevention and treatment of diseases. Younger audiences will have to chance to prepare their own meals inspired by the Mediterranean diet or listen to traditional tales on eating habits.

More information can be consulted here https://www.ua.pt/en/fabrica/saude-a-mesa