UABIKE.PT and more about mobility by bicycle

UABIKE.PT and more about mobility by bicycle

Since a few years ago, the University of Aveiro has been committed to improving the figures about sustainable mobility. To do that, it has launched and involved in several European and Municipal projects. Some ones are:

UAUbike - the University of Aveiro's project, which, as part of U-Bike Portugal, aims to promote soft mobility, with a focus on the bicycle. 142 conventional bicycles and 97 electric bicycles were given to the entire academic community, on a free, long-term basis, in order to help create regular habits of using this means of transport, as well as promoting energy efficiency and rationalizing consumption. To know more about this project, please visit the website http://uaubike.web.ua.pt/en!

Since 2016, the TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM OF BIKE AND SOFT MOBILITY (http://compromissopelabicicleta.web.ua.pt/) of the University of Aveiro launched the commitment for cycling with the motto: MORE BICYCLES, BETTER CITIES, HEALTHY PEOPLE, SOCIETY AND ECONOMY! The main objective of the commitment was to raise awareness, gain community support, and put the cycling theme on the public agenda.

In 2017, the University of Aveiro integrated also “The European Cycling Challenge (ECC2017)”, a urban cyclists’ team competition. It was a challenge among European cities: the city that “rides” the longest total distance wins! The challenge was open to all people living in participating cities or travelling to/from/across those cities for work, study or other reasons. All journeys made by bicycle instead of other means of transportation (such as car, motorcycle or any engine powered vehicles) were accepted. For instance: journeys to and from workplace, school, to shopping, to go to the cinema, etc… were valid journeys. To know more about this initiative, visit the website https://cyclingchallenge.eu/ecc2017.

To know also more about the use of bicycle in cities, you can know the Bike Buddy (BB) project developed by MUBi - Association for the Urban Mobility in Bicycle (https://bikebuddy.mubi.pt/) - which helps the new bicycle users in their first journeys in urban context. Or, Aveiro, Portugal, Ciclaveiro - a local association that promotes bicycles as an important and convenient means of urban transportation and its advantages for improving the urban quality of life. Ciclaveiro develops projects with the community to create and improve the conditions for cycling so that the use of the bicycle is easier, safer and more and more common. If you are interested, visit the website: https://ciclaveiro.pt/!