Multiplier Event of the Erasmus+ CARE project held in the UMA

CARE looks at responsible and sustainable consumption. The aim of this initiative is to contribute to the health of the planet, promoting more sober, traditional and healthy lifestyles

Multiplier Event of the Erasmus+ CARE project held in the UMA

The Erasmus+ CARE project (Consumer Awareness for Responsibility towards the Environment), coordinated by the University of Malaga (UMA) cofounded by the European Union, presents the results of the work in the last two years, with the celebration of a working day "Towards a more responsible consumption", in which representatives of the European consortium together with experts and professionals from various fields will discuss how to deal responsibly and with the aim of promoting the environment. sustainable consumption decisions that seek a better, more sustainable and fairer planet.

The meeting will take place on February 21, starting at 9:30 a.m., in the Assembly Hall of the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences of the UMA. The event is attended by associations of consumers, the environmental, the elderly, among other groups, as well as all those interested in making a more conscious and careful consumption that helps preserve the environment.

During the day, the results of the project have been presented: a training platform with 40 didactic modules on responsible consumption, in 4 languages (Portuguese, English, Italian and Spanish), a research section that houses documents, reports and articles on the subject of the project and carries out a survey of consumers to find out their motivations and obstacles to consume more consciously,  and a space for responsible business that invites the presentation of entrepreneurial ideas based on sustainability, to help put them into practice.

The CARE Project has provided training to more than 3300 people, 250 of them in person, who have shown high satisfaction with the contents and didactic methodology, but above all who say that they have increased their level of awareness about their role as consumers and their willingness to change their purchasing habits. Through the project, some twenty business idea initiatives are being evaluated and validated that are destined to become sustainable companies. Thanks to this day, the consortium hopes to increase the impact of the project by making more people aware of it and using the REA-CARE platform, which has already been visited by some 92,000 people since its opening.

Erasmus+ CARE

The Erasmus+ CARE project, designed and led by the University of Malaga (Spain), is being developed by a consortium made up of 7 partners from four European countries: the University of Aveiro (Portugal), the CPIA Adult Education Centre in Lecce (Italy), the Institut de Haute Formation aux Politiques Communautaires IHF in Brussels, IDP European Consultants, Italy,  as well as by the Spanish companies Internet Web Solutions and RSC Talent 2016.

 The purpose of CARE is to contribute to the health of the planet and, therefore, of communities and people, promoting more sober, traditional and healthy lifestyles that preserve natural resources and diversity, and promote fairer and more equal working conditions. This goal is in line with the policies adopted by the European Commission and with the United Nations SDGs, which strive for the circular economy, environmental protection and the creation of fairer and more inclusive societies.

Multiplier Event of the Erasmus+ CARE project held in the UMA