CARE project 3 rd meeting in Lecce, Italy

CARE project 3 rd meeting in Lecce, Italy

The third CARE Project Meeting was successfully held at the headquarters of the CPIA in Lecce. CARE, which stands for "Consumption Awareness for Responsibility towards the Environment” is an Erasmus+ project coordinated by the University of Malaga, that aims to enhance environmental awareness among adults.

Environmental awareness is crucial in addressing the current and future challenges our planet faces. Through the CARE project, the consortium integrated by 7 organisations from 4 countries (ES, BE, IT and PT), is tirelessly working to educate adults on adopting sustainable practices in their daily lives. The CARE project is committed to reaching a broad and diverse audience, actively involving adults in environmental awareness activities through workshops, knowledge divulgation and educational resources.

The third meeting has allowed the consortium to evaluate the progress made thus far and plan future activities to maximize the impact of our work. During the meeting, participants had the opportunity to analyse the progress achieved thus far and outline the next steps for the project. The partnership carefully reviewed the four main results of the project and assessed their current state of the art, exchanging ideas, experiences, and best practices among participants from different regions. Discussions focused on the importance of engaging adults in environmental awareness and providing them with tools and accurate knowledge to act responsibly and sustainably in their daily purchases.

During the gathering, significant achievements were highlighted, including the plan for Testing & Validation of the training solutions created, that are available in 5 languages in the OER platform of the project www.careforplanet.eu. Promobiz provides a tool for current entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs-to-be for developing low impact activities, both through the collection of new business ideas or by turning an existing business to be more circular and respectful with the environment. Promobiz is developing an original methodology for the assessment of ideas that could be presented through this CARE platform link.

For more information about the CARE project and its work, please visit the website https://www.careforplanet.eu/project.php

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