The CARE Project launched the “Questionnaire on Responsible Consumption” to carry out research on consumers’ behaviou

The CARE Project launched the “Questionnaire on Responsible Consumption” to carry out research on consumers’ behaviou

The partners of the CARE project – an Erasmus+ initiative co-founded by the European Commission and coordinated by the University of Malaga – are working to provide up-to-date and rigorous knowledge on Responsible Consumption, a new and still somewhat confusing concept.

The CARE project aims to contribute to behavioural changes in people's preferences, consumption habits and lifestyles, in line with the European Commission’s policies and recommendations. In particular, through the development of the CARE-Knowledge Virtual community, partners will build and share new knowledge about Responsible Consumption, proving its importance, impacts and multiple links with the concepts of ethical, fair, social and ecological consumption.

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Partners are now collecting data on the population's knowledge and awareness of Responsible Consumption to identify patterns of behaviour, as well as the stimuli, brakes and obstacles that are perceived for its application to daily life.

Data will be used to evaluate the acceptance and effectiveness of current institutional policies and measures on Responsible Consumption, so to generate new recommendations for its regulation and design of awareness campaigns.

While many studies have been carried out on groups of convenience and in environments that are not very generalizable, which limits their validity, the CARE research will rely on a large sample of consumers throughout Europe; this factor will allow the project to inform new evidence-based and data-driven policies and stimulate further research.

To sustain partners’ efforts and take part in the CARE research, it is possible to fill in the Questionnaire on Responsible Consumption, reporting perceptions and opinions about the way people consume. In this way, partners will be able to evaluate the degree to which the consumption that takes place in the EU is a conscious and responsible consumption in social and environmental terms.


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